Abdul Sattar Khatri

Mr. Abdul Sattar Khatri, after finishing his education in the year 1977 he joined his father’s business. While assisting his father, he had interaction with many overseas buyers. This helped him learn Arabic and Persian. Fluency in these languages helps him in his business today.

It has been over 25 year today Mr. Abdul Sattar Khatri is settled in Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Abdul Rahim Khatri

Born in the year 1965, Mr Abdul Rahim Khatri as a kid was enthusiastic about his dad’s profession. Spending quality time in the factory as a kid, he learnt the basics of dyeing. This experience helped in the long run providing quality and niche products to the client.

Mr. Abdul Rahim Khatri was also a very bright student in his school and college days. Pursuing his primary education from The Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly High School and Secondary education from Lala Lajpatrai College, Mumbai, he learnt about commerce and business trading.

During his college days in Lala Lajpatrai, he was an excellent stage artist performing stage shows and dramas representing his college. He was the president of the Dramatics community in Lala Lajpatrai College. During his tenure of president the college performed wonderful shows which will be remembered by the students of Lala Lajpatrai College.

He left college in the year 1984 and joined his brothers newly opened firm Hashimsons, and after that the company was on its way to cater the world with best quality products.